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Topaz Labs B&W Effects

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Training video from Topaz Labs

Topaz Labs B&W Effects Remember it is 50% off till the 18th


Topaz B&W Effects

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Topaz Labs makers of the fine editing software Adjust and Details just came out with their first B&W conversion software, B&W Effects. If you don’t have a B&W plug in converter it is a steal at $59.99 but for a limited time (Sept. 18) you can get it for the unheard of price $29.99. Now that is a great deal. Just use code bwandbeyond. I will try to get an overview video up soon.

On another note my nephew has finished his cancer radiation treatments, so I won’t have to be staying in Shreveport during the week. Maybe with the cooler weather and more time I can get back into the blogging swing.

Dreams lost

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While on a photo walk I found this child’s discarded stuffed animal. I wondered what had happened. Where was the child? Why was it in this abandoned lot? How did it end up here? Is there a child out there missing this bear?

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These guys we living down by an old rail yard. They asked if I would take their photo then wanted $5 for the picture. I gave them a dollar.

I used Topaz adjust to add some drama and detail, then Silver Efex Pro 2 for the B&W

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Funky town

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I  am still staying in Shreveport to help my nephew through his treatments. Early in the morning I make a photo walk. Since we are right on the edge of the old historic downtown there are many photo ops. This morning I took a new street from the hotel. I found this old corner liquor store with an old neon sign. As I got closer I realized it was now an open air coffee house, bar and dance room in the south Louisiana cajun tradition. The owner, Bill, was very nice and allowed me access  to shoot. He even invited me back for coffee and gumbo.

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It is an eclectic blend of old and new, modern and antique to make a very unique atmosphere. Thank you Bill.

Processed with Nik filters HDR Efex and Topaz Adjust

Dancing water

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The Shreveport river walk water feature.

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Topaz Detail, Nik filters Silver Efex Pro 2 and Define 2

Photo Friday: Artistic vision

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Creativity doesn’t end with the click of the shutter. Getting it right in the camera is just the first step towards beautiful images.

For you folks that think image manipulations only started with the digital darkroom, you should know Ansel Adams spent hours, in his darkroom, manipulating his negatives to achieve his artistic vision.

To me artistic vision is seeing a concept from capture all the way to print. Using the resources, that you have, to achieve that concept. Do not accept things, as they are, transform them to what you envisioned. Having the knowledge to use the tools to the best of your ability.

You can buy the most expensive camera around, but if you put it on the automatic green square, you might as well have a point and shoot. Buying all the latest editing software does no good if you can’t technically and artistically utilize it. Money will not transform a snapshot into a work of art but skill and vision can.

Case in point. Here is a photo straight from the camera. It is a point and shoot but a very versatile one. It will shoot RAW mode and in aperture priority.

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Just another snap shot of a motorcycle. Very low contrast, no pop, the bike should be purple, not blue. There is no pop to the photo. However with vision, skill and software I can transform it into what I envisioned. A detailed artistic closeup.

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If you are happy with letting the camera decide what your photo should look like, then that is well and good. But, if you want more maybe you need a little vision.