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Blue Monday: Blue bikini

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Sunny Sunday: Lake sunset

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I was out in the middle of Poverty Point reservoir for this photoClick the photo to see it larger

Wheels Wednesday: Steam locomotive

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This train was refurbished for the upcoming Louisiana statehood bicentennial in 2012. Back in 2005 it toured the state stopping overnight in various communities before returning to Audubon park. I was lucky to catch it while it was there. I used onOne softwares Phototools2.6 and Nik FiltersSilver Efex 2 to produce it.

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That is the old Delhi depot now used as a law office.

Blue Monday

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Since so many people dread Mondays I thought I would help cheer it up. Each photo will have blue as the dominate color.

I took this photo very early one morning. This is the Dawson house just north of Delhi, La.

This was some of my earliest photoshop work and my first attempt at creating a reflection. It is funny too look at these older ones and then my newer stuff. I have come far, but have far to go. I didn’t re-do the photo to remind myself where I began.

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Photo Friday: Death of a city

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This is old highway 80 or US80 through downtown Delhi, La. The building on the left is the old dairy delite drive in. The blue building on the right used to be Cutler Chevrolet, and the tan building was a service station. Downtown Delhi used to be a thriving place during to travel boom of the 50’s and 60’s.

Then the death knell. Interstate 20 was put in and bypassed Delhi to the south. Sure new shiny plastic fast food joints replaced the old drive ins like the Dairy delite and the Sip and Nip. The convenience stores replaced the old downtown stores and the service stations. Fast, quick and convenient replaced quality, friendly family owned service. No one socialized around the drive ins on Saturday night. Our hang out in Winnsboro was Jeanettes then the name was changed to Shipley’s drive in. We spent many hours in the parking lot or cruising downtown. The same was done in Delhi on the weekends.

I have become more of a two lane back road person than an interstate speed demon. I guess I like to stop and smell the memory of cooking oil and ice cream.

I chose this dark dreary day for my photo as it symbolizes the fate of many small towns downtown area when the big interstate rolls through.

Old versus new

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The city park in Delhi, La. is a place of marked contrast. You first have playground equipment from at least the ’60’s and then you have the newer, plastic, colorful junk. The old metal stuff I first remember playing on in the mid ’60’s. You know the type, the old merry go round, the metal monkey bars and such.

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Some of the new plastic junk is already coming apart. It will never last 40 or 50 years. I wonder how many little hands and butts it took to get the smooth finish on that metal. None of it is rusted so it is still in use. When I was a kid every park, playground, or school yard, had see-saws, monkey bars,


and a slide.

But to city planners the new colorful plastic junk makes it seem more appealing. However, if you go by you will see the kids still on the old metal equipment. The Delhi city park is on the side of US Hwy 80 another timeless wonder, from another time, that refuses to go away. Replaced by a new shiny interstate. Charles Kuralt said ” Interstates give you the ability to go coast to coast, and see nothing.” It is like this new versus old in the playground. New shiny plastic fast Gee Whiz or the old slower time-tested fun.

It is a sign of the times, nothing is built to last. I call it the “disposable age”. We have become a throw away society. It started with the Bic lighter. Now, no one carries a 20 year old pocket knife, or uses an old Zippo lighter. Real razors are passe replaced by the plastic, one use, throw away. Maybe we should go back to metal and steel designed to last a lifetime and forget the plastic disposable.


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Last week I had the privilege of shooting a young girl that is a dance student, at a local dance studio. She wanted one photo with New York as the background. I proceeded to place her on top of a building with the New York skyline as the background. This took about 4 hours work and some 5 different photos.

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The original version

Color version

B&W version

I will have a tutorial on how to do this this week. Please let me know what you think